Mechanical Ventilator COVID 19

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There are numerous advantages of mechanical ventilators but in general, it is considered when the patient cannot maintain an airway or adequate oxygenation or ventilation.

The decision to use a mechanical ventilator should be based only on clinical judgment considering the entire clinical situation and numerous criteria. A mechanical ventilator is used to decrease the load on the patient while breathing until the patient no longer needs it. The machine will make sure that the body will receive an adequate amount of oxygen.


Major benefit of mechanical ventilators


  • The patient does not need to work hard to breathe and it relaxes the respiratory muscles.
  • Helps the patient to get adequate oxygen and clear the carbon dioxide.
  • It prevents injury from aspiration as it preserves the airways.


The main purpose of the mechanical ventilator is to allow the patient time to heal so that patient can breathe on their own. The doctors can check if the patient is capable of breathing on their own and when the patient can breathe effectively without any effort the mechanical ventilator will be taken off.


CAD Deziners has developed a small mechanical ventilator to help the health care system to elevate the burden of ventilators. It can be manufactured at a faster pace as it requires fewer components. Nurses can focus on other patients as well as the automated mechanical ventilator will provide steady oxygen at a constant rate. It is cost-effective and portable, can easily work in a home environment.

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