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3d laser scanning


Computer aided design finds an important place in the mechanical industry as an efficient way of getting the design done in comparatively lesser times and taking it to manufacturing stage. It helps in the analysis and optimisation of a design. CAD is useful in 2D drawings and 3D modelling of the parts right from the concept phase to the assembly phase. Creating a design manually is usually a difficult task but CAD tools make it precise and easier. By using 3D CAD modelling, you ensure accuracy of the design and also save your time. It enhances the productivity of the designer and design quality by making complex parts easier to design.

CAD software also helps in checking for any errors within the model and allows you to correct them so that the final design comes out accurate. It makes the visualization of the 3D design of the component easier so that the designer can make the required changes as per the client needs. Visualization can also make it easier to understand the operational and functional characteristics of the design at the early stage. 3D CAD modelling also ensures that the design is compliant with the international standards. And what’s more? You can actually save your designs and use it for future references.

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CAD has revolutionized the world of design industry by making complex projects easier. It has helped in broadening the concept of designing and drafting thereby making them more accurate and easier. CAD software is extremely reliable for designing and visualization of automotive parts and components. CAD systems provide an easy environment for creating complex structures having numerous functional, operational, aesthetic and manufacturing constraints. These services provide an opportunity to shorten the design cycle. In the designs which are complex such as engines, streamlined bodies and metal sheet designs, where there are a large number of surfaces, the CAD systems efficiently offer great speeds so that the design gets completed in a short span of time.

automotive cad design services

The CAD systems improve the design quality; increase the accuracy of design analysis and precision of the design by reducing the number of errors. CAD models are used for accurate illustrations of sculptured surfaces, advanced calculations of mass and finite element analysis, injection moulding design and analysis.

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3D Scanning

3D scanning is becoming more and more prevalent day by day. It has found its use in numerous industrial applications. At CAD Deziners, our first and foremost objective is to understand your application and deliver results accordingly. Our scanning products are being used in various sectors like education, engineering, architecture, art, history, designing.

In the field of education, 3D scanning has become very useful for school children by helping them create distinctive models. 3D scanning is a very fun and interactive way of making subjects like physics, math and anatomy a lot more interesting by providing them a 3D view of different objects. It can make teaching easy for teachers and concepts clearer to students. Students can have a detailed understanding of concepts like gravity or studying different parts of body using 3D animations of scanned objects. This can help in increasing creativity and innovation among students.

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We at CAD Deziners understand the needs of the students very well. That’s why we offer special discounts to students.
The ability to scan and visualize models and sculptures in high detail makes scanning very popular in architecture industry. With 3D scanning, you can fully analyze the data and modify it with the help of CAD as per your requirements. This can make reverse engineering and rapid prototyping much easier. Our engineers can perform detailed measurements and make required changes in the design properties. High quality designs can be created through scanning by modifying them as per the requirements. CAD Deziners have been helping various architectural and engineering industries by providing them high quality scanning solutions.


Why 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process of analyzing a real world object to precisely capture data and its shape in a non-destructive manner. CAD Deziners use a non-contact way of scanning so that no damage is done to the original part.The information is collected in the form of point clouds. This data can be used to create a 3 dimensional object.

CAD Deziners use structured light scanning and laser scanning to on the object surface to scan the data. These scanners offer us much needed speed and precision by scanning multiple points at once during the processing stage. 3D scanners have made reverse engineering during the post processing stage more easier. The final product quality comes out as per the client’s expectations. CAD Deziners offer best scanning services at low prices.

The time taken for the scanning process is 3-4 hours depending on the object and the post processing stage usually take 2-3 hours in addition. So, you can expect the complete part within 5-7 hours.

Benefits of 3D scanning for your business

3D scanning can be done at any point during the object manufacturing stage. It is a cheap and effective technology which helps you save your money and time. High quality parts can be created using 3D scanning which are as per your expectations and of low cost.

3D scanning can be done during the design phase of the object in order to mold it according to your requirements. The scan data can be converted into CAD design which can often be used to make any changes or improvements in the existing part or to replicate the part. This can help in design optimization and results in better quality part. It can help shorten the overall production cycle.

Various engineering analysis like FEA, CFD and CAE can be performed using scanned data of objects.

Various advantages of 3D scanning include:

Fast data capturing

Shortening of manufacturing cycle

Cost efficiency

Lesser time duration

Design optimization

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3d laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Due to the progression of science at present, it is very easy to capture 3-dimensional data in different settings, irrespective of the surface feature as well as the size of the object. A 3D laser scanning process depends either on LIDAR or phase-based technology; in this, the object is measured without even making physical contact with it. Moreover, it also allows you to save the files in digitized formats which save the paperwork and it is very easy to make any number of editions with great ease.

Benefits of 3D Laser scanning in the Industrial sector

For projects related to mechanical engineering, a traditional survey is considered as most important. To make an astute observation for the project, it is very essential to undertake 3-dimensional scanning. This process is very economical and provides measurement with precision. This is the reason why most of the architects, contractors, owners, and engineers employ this process.

Different types of industries which use this technology

Factories and power plants

Old factories and power plants need to get effective mapping as per new regulation since it provides convenience to its workers. Through this technology, it is very easy to locate different constructions which are made inside the floor viz. tanks, motors, pumps, pipes, conveyors, valves, etc. With accurate scanning process, it is very cost-effective to undertake various upgrades.

Steps to scan power plants and factories

Basic steps which are utilized during the process are identifying scope area for scanning purpose, capturing scans in series, merging of scans. After these steps, it is very essential to align scans with the co-ordinates of plant or factory and making a Computer-Aided Design model. This will allow you to make several editions in the model without spending a lot of resources.

3D laser scanning in the mechanical sector and reverse engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, 3-dimensional scanning is used to increase the reverse engineering process with thorough precision. The process of reverse engineering and redesigning which is undertaken with the help of 3D scanning, in both of these processes dimension of an object is thoroughly measured. Initially, the process was prone to various human errors. Contrary to this, the 3D scanning process catches up with measurement speed while reducing error and increasing overall accuracy.


Through the use of the scanning process, it gets very easy to finish the chassis of a car or you will also be able to get proper repair of any external damage to the body of your vehicle. The scanning process takes countless co-ordinates and then the whole structure of the vehicle is studied with the help of a computer system.

Significant use in medical science

The 3D technique is used at an extensive level in the medical industry because it is impossible to note down the measurement of free-flowing parts and shapes with accuracy. The field of medical science has various applications which are used in several areas like scientific research, product design, etc.


It is very essential to design the products which fit effectively on the body of the patient. Due to this, 3D printer captures the patient’s size which is used in designing of CAD. These products are used in the design of dental grills, surgical fixtures, etc.

Medical Devices

3D scanning technology is also used in the industry of medical equipment. Data which is scanned is used for several projects like inspection, documentation, reverse engineering, etc.

Human structures

For measurement of body parts of human beings, 3D scanning machines are considered as ideal since they do not require the physical touch of the skin. Thus, it is safer for little children and elderly people. It takes only a few minutes to scan a body part through a handheld scanner and report can easily be studied by a practitioner. Through this technique, the exact measurement of several body parts viz. shoulder, clavicle, spine, knee, etc. can be done with ease.

Quality control

Industries which work in this sector also utilize this scanning process as it thoroughly checks whether a part has been manufactured up to the mark or not. Here you don’t have to deal with the product scaling, one just has to scan the object or product in the initial stage which can further be studied on different platforms.

3d laser scanning