Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Automotive Services (3d Scanning Car Parts)

Our Automotive Services Includes :

Automotive design with layout services :

The automotive parts industry has become one of the most booming applications for 3D scanning in this era today. CAD can be conveyed in any desired configuration. When CAD is not immediately applicable for safety, performance, or cosmetic car parts, Laser Design’s reverse engineering services can produce highly-accurate CAD models from actual automotive parts. CAD can be delivered in any desired format such as stp, solid works part file or IGES format.

3D scanning provides ultra-decisive 3D Laser Scanners to exactly capture, extract and digitize any car body while preserving an appreciable amount of time compared to using classical methods.3D laser scanning offered an approach for capturing surface data.

Advanced CAD software and 3D scanning software has given us a great opportunity to create better and safer automobiles and optimize them for efficiency

We have a strong evidence of providing excellent service to our clients in the automotive industries.

What is an Automotive Design ?

Automotive design is a special functional sector and specialized field including different types of engineering works with their creative talents, safety, and business intelligence.

It is the technology which have the ability to produce very accurate designs and drawings which can be created in 2D or 3D. Other computer programmers can also easily get linked through this Automotive Design to the design software.

automotive 3d part design

3D-Scanning for Automotive sector:

The automotive industry has grown massively over the past 50 years, with more of us behind the wheel than ever, car manufacturers are transforming their range to suit our every requirement.

The automotive design and manufacturing process in Industry is increasingly reachable and useable to collaborator across the whole manufacturing chain along with the magic of product lifecycle management.

We have accumulated rich experience in the automotive manufacturing industry these years. We provide professional comprehensive metrology-grade 3D solution for automakers and all aspects of automotive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing can also be used to help you with your prototyping process: it will allow you to make iterations at a lower cost, and way faster than with traditional manufacturing processes. 3D printing could quickly become a real asset for your product development.

Designing of Automotive parts :

For designing, firstly whenever any concept pops up in the mind of Automotive designers they convert their ideas into hand-drawn sketches. After that they put ideas into those computer-rendered graphics with the use of CAD. These are only the early steps of the integrated innovative method but are not fully sufficient to evaluate the design of a car or a truck.

A model is sculptured to translate the look and then we make it off for becoming the final design. The simplicity of use should not be a challenge when it comes to 3D scanning car parts.

automotive 3d part design

Automotive designers are trained in the ideas, layouts and overall make-up of automotive components. It is a profession that also depends on a high level of mechanical or technical skill and attention to every information. We hope you will enjoy the ranks of our provided services and allow us to help you improve your product, streamline your manufacturing process which will save both your money and time.

Automotive Services :

1. Scanning and Designing of custom bumpers

automotive 3d part design
automotive 3d part design

2. Redesigning Vehicle Dashboards

automotive 3d part design
automotive 3d part design

3. Customise design and replicating of aftermarket parts

automotive 3d part design

4. Steering column

5. Chassis design

automotive part design