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3D Scanning Services Providing High Accuracy Data For Reverse Engineering

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3d Scanning Services In Automotive Industry

Automotive industry can be hugely benefitted from 3d scanning. For instance, 3d scanning can be used for creating high-resolution racing bikes. Another example can be that 3D Scanning can be a quick and efficient way to redesign a car design with the help of reverse engineering. The same is applied to the aerospace industry, using 3D Scanning, airplane parts can be redesigned very accurately. With 3D Scanning, replacing and redesigning the components has become much easier. Scanning and reverse engineering can make it possible to redesign or repair parts of marine vessels. Another instance can be producing a mini copy of a high-speed racing car or bike using 3d scanning services. Huge machine parts can be scanned, and reverse-engineered in order to retrofit these parts. Due to the high accuracy provided by 3d scanners, this technology has become highly popular. CAD Deziners offer very cost compatible 3D Scanning Services.  You can save thousands of dollars using scanning services and not to mention your precious time.

3d Scanning Services In Automotive Industry

3d scanning is a powerful tool to digitalize the design and preserve it in CAD format. The non-touch scanning helps in various areas such as Architecture, Industrial, Defence, Marine, and Aerospace. 3d scanner measures the complex objects very quickly and enhances the workflow in real-time. The 3D scanning comes with a major advantage of reverse engineering where the part can be scanned, designed, and modified as per the requirement.

In this post, we will take you through each and every step of reverse engineering by taking an example of an after-market part that is not in production and the spare parts are too costly. We will provide some tips for using the scanner and the tips for using the right reverse engineering tool for the CAD design and 3D scanning process.

Challenges We Face In 3D Scanning

The major challenge we face is to convert the physical object to digital i.e. converting the mesh form to stl or stp format. 3D meshes are the output form of the 3D scanner and also known as STL format. A mesh is a surface with a large number of triangles in the form of a polygon. Mesh model just contains the position of the triangle which defines the features and shape of the part.

Since mesh lacks information but our engineers at CAD Deziners are proficient and use the mesh to create the surfaces and reform the object. There are limited ways to mesh the model but we use Solidworks, CATIA, and Geomagic as the reverse engineering tools to create the surfaces and boundaries for the mesh profile, if we need major modification then the mesh needs to be converted to solid model and then we can modify the design as per the requirements, this is known as Reverse Engineering.

The basic steps used while scanning and reverse engineering process are:

  • Prepare the object for scanning. Most of the scanners cannot scan shiny objects or black surfaces. It is incredibly important to provide a power coating on the object. For high accuracy, less than 0.1mm please ignore the coating process as it would add an extra layer of tolerance.
  • Scan the object and capture the critical features of the object. The tabletop or the stationary scanner is best to scan with high accuracy. Generally, high accuracy scanners provide tolerance of 0.02- 0.04mm (used in the marine and aerospace industry).
  • Refining the mesh. Some scanners automatically produce high refined mesh otherwise; we need to remove unwanted parts or mesh scanned by the scanner.
  • Import the mesh to CAD software such as Solidworks or Geomagic which is a powerful tool for resurfacing complex structures and geometries.
  • Extract the imported surfaces using 3 different features semi-automated surfacing, automated surfacing, and manual redrawing.
  • Integrate the new design as per the requirement.
  • 3D print the new design.

3d Scanning Services In Automotive Industry

CAD Deziners offer 3d scanning services in various sectors like automotive, marine, defense, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, healthcare, and aerospace. We can help you source cheap and accurate aftermarket parts which can make your job extremely easy. These scanned parts can later be 3d printed and the same feel and quality can be achieved very easily. Our designers offer the best possible solutions to your requirements.

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